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About Rivoningo Life Coaching

Our dreams shape our goals and our goals shape our life.

So what does coaching have to do with dreams? Coaching is about change, about making changes. Coaching engages your imagination and at the same time is immensely practical in the real world. It deals with goals and achievements. It links the world of dreaming with the world of reality.

At the heart of coaching lies a process of discovery, development and positive change. It is for you if you are prepared to examine your life in order to:

- KNOW what it is that you really want and are capable of.

- DO what is required to achieve your goals.

- BE in the best position to lead a fulfilling life.

In coaching, one single truth underpins the whole process, that you already have the answers to your questions. You may begin the process not knowing exactly what you want or not knowing what you expect from the coaching relationship. Or you know what you want but don't know how to get there. As your coach, I'm there to help you find those answers by asking questions and listening; listening not just to the answers, but also to what is not being said. This process of listening helps to really explore your dreams and desires at a deeper level. I partner with you every step of the way in order to move beyond the obstacles, to create the life you have always wanted.

Coaching allows you to move toward your desired vision of the future rather than focus on any constraints of your current situation. And it supports you to do this by identifying the things in life which are most important to you as an individual; we refer to these as your 'values'. We will work together to ensure that your lifestyle and goals complement these values.

Coaching is not about telling you what to do, YOU are after all the expert on your own life. And it is most definitely not about giving you a ready-made set of directions. You must choose the route that best suits you personally. And I will support you to develop a framework for deciding the best course of action at each junction that you encounter. That way, your life's journey can take you via the destinations that you really want to visit, rather than drifting without purpose or direction.

So what if now, the only thing between you and your dreams turning into reality was your 'wait and see' attitude?

Coaching is about YOU. Go on, get into it!

Rivoningo Life Coaching