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About Revive Brands SA (Pty)Ltd

Revive Brands SA is a dynamic, innovative, diverse and growing customer-focused enterprise, whose core business in the manufacturing and distribution of value-added FMCG products in the foods and beverage industry. We concentrate on building strong product brands that resonate will all income groups and ensure that our products are accessible and affordable.
We invest in leading-edge technology for the production of our products and adopt the best distribution practises for efficient distribution to reach our customer base.
Revive Brands SA is a responsible corporate citizen and we understand the importance of healthy living, a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. We therefore aim to produce and promote a wide range of nutritious beverages that support the health and wellness of our customers.

To become the preferred manufacturers and distributors of value-added FMCG products that has a positive impact on the health and wellness of individuals.

* We will maintain our customer centric attitude by upholding our non-negotiable resolve to attain the highest quality standards in our products.

* We will remain conscious and sensitive to the environments in which we operate, by investing in the latest technology and acquire the relevant resources, to ensure our manufacturing plant and production processes continuously aim to reduce our carbon footprint for nature preservation and that our products are; Environmentally Friendly, Recyclable and Renewable.

Our investment in our human capital is deliberate and meticulous selection process that identifies individuals who share the values of the company and base their value-adding functions and activities that uphold and live by the following values:
* Integrity
* Respect
* Honesty
* Transparency
* Commitment

OUR SLOGAN: ("Quality You Deserve.")
Our slogan depicts our relenting commitment to our customer promise of always affording them the quality they deserve, in our aim to contribute towards their health and wellness. The slogan is applicable to all product categories that will be provided by Revive Brands SA.

To ensure that we retain our customers and remain top-of-mind, we will continuously offer relevant product categories that offer:
* Healthy and Nutritious Hydration benefits;
* On-the-go convenience; and
* Affordable prices.

South Africa has become a more health conscious market as the estimated market value of purified water market growth indicates at an impressive 20% growth rate each year since 2003, surpassing that of other beverages. Still water captures an estimated 76% share of the market and flavoured water captures an estimated 21% market share respectively.
Approximately 10% of all bottled water in South Africa is prepared water. This water that has undergone antimicrobial treatment as well as treatment that alters the original physical or chemical properties of the water,
Revive Water: is purified water that further undergoes a highly advanced form of water purification process called reverse osmosis. This is a separation process which employs pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane (a membrane which will only allow water to pass through) that retains the salts on one side and allows the pure water to pass through the other side. The water with the salt concentration is discarded while the purified water is collected in a tank. This process ensures that Revive Water is; Clean, Healthy and Safe to drink.
Furthermore, our bottling process and packaging design ensures the preservation of these imperative properties.
Revive Water is available in a range of Still, Plain Sparkling, Sparkling Flavoured and Enhanced Flavoured drinks, in a variety of flavours. The waters are vitamin enriched, with a combination of vitamins B3, B6, B12 and Biotin. They are clear, water-based drinks with no added colourants and are enhanced with Fructose, a Low GI Carbohydrate.
Revive Water is available in 500ml, 1Litre and 1.5 Litres.

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