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To date, there are over 11 million South Africans who have fallen into arrears on their debt repayments. Debt is quickly becoming a widespread problem affecting our country, affecting people with diverse incomes and backgrounds. Debt does not discriminate (look around you everyone is battling), it causes health concerns (are you tired all the time? Feel run down?) and it affects you psychologically (Depressed? Doubting yourself as a provider? Do you get a sinking feeling when you hear your cell phone go off?), your job (You just don't have it in you anymore to get out of bed and face the day, face your work load?), it takes, and it can take from you everything...it doesn't give back. Debt is a battle and we at OUDS treat it as such! It's not a process we all go through, a 5 step programme, a phase of life that we all "eventually" grow out of! It's a financial ailment that can effectively haunt you the rest of your life if not dealt with immediately (before it gets worse!) and put to rest once and for all! Oyisa is devoted to helping South Africans gain financial stability and solve their debt problems. Oyisa offers a range of debt solutions we've called Phalanx(c), to meet your needs and help you make positive financial decisions through debt education. We help of our clients find a workable solution to their debt problems, thus providing relief and solace from an already stressful situation! Let us carry this burden for you. We are you're sword and shield, we're with you from the start to the very end until you can stand tall once again, Debt Free! When you don't know where to turn too, and can't take the pressure any more, that's when you turn to the people that actually HAVE the experience and ARE specialized in debt solutions. Oyisa United Debt Specialists, your sword and shield; we stand for you when you can't anymore.
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Oyisa United Debt Specialists