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Baby and Children's Bedroom fruniture

About FlexiDecor.co.za

FlexiDecor.co.za creates hand-made customisable shelving/ storage units aimed specifically for children and baby rooms.
With over 22 individual colours to choose from, our shelving units are great for baby shower gifts.

We at FlexiDecor.co.za have developed a unique shelving concept aimed specifically at children. Our units allow you to change and modify your unit regularly and have fun doing it. Products are available from our online store. The FlexiDecor system consists of a Main Box (which is fixed to the wall) of various sizes and you can choose various Flexi Boxes. The Flexi Boxes are not fixed and so can be placed anywhere on the Main Box and moved around to create various levels depending on what you want to display. Perfect for small rooms as it can be positioned on a wall without using up valuable floor space while giving an attractive and functional storage concept in the room. For babies it can be conveniently mounted on a wall above a changing station or cot. For school going kids, it can be mounted over a desk or workstation giving a functional and decorative feature.

We offer off the shelf shelving packages (excuse the pun) as well as individual units from our online store.