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Introduction of Power Contractors Pty Ltd

We are a leading manufacturer of specialized Electrical Transducers in South Africa - initially in the heavy current field and now in electrical measuring transducers, quality panel meters – both analogue and digital.

About Power Contractors Pty Ltd

We manufacture the Powercon range of electrical Transducers including AC and DC Current & Voltage Transducers, Phase Angle Transducers (relating to power factor), Temperature Transducers (Thermocouple and RTD (PT100)), Resistance Transducers, Frequency Transducers and Active Power, Apparent Power and Reactive Power Transducers amongst others. We can normally design a transducer to your specific specifications. We also supply a quality imported European Range of Transducers.

Hydro-Electric Power Stations
We have been involved in most of the smaller (less than 10 MW) Hydroelectric Power Stations in Southern Africa, for more than 65 years and still express an interest in this type of power station control today. These include Hydro-stations in South Africa, Swaziland and Uganda.

Control Systems And R&D Designs
We are ideally suited to manufacturing prototype control systems for a variety of applications, including building management, advanced diesel generator control, maximum demand and load shedding control, solar energy, telemetry, GSM and radio linked control systems, bottle filling plants, offsite energy monitoring, fish feeders and fish farming control solutions and process control solutions, including chemical plants.

We also offer an Engineering Design and Draughting service for drawings and design using CAD (computer aided design). We have the ability to Manufacture Electrical Panels and also do onsite Electrical installations.

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Power Contractors Pty Ltd