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Time and attendance software

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Introduction of Innovative Options

Our time and attendance software (IOClock) is a low cost, PC based package designed to replace manual (paper based) staff attendance records without the need for any additional hardware. Payroll data can be loaded using the attendance reports produced by the system.

About Innovative Options

Innovative Options Clocking System (IOClock)

What is IOClock?
The system is an easy to use, low cost, PC based time control management system.

IOClock was designed to replace individual attendance registers (books) written up by the individual
employees which then need to be checked individually to manually calculate absenteeism and actual time
worked per employee.

The key features of the system are as follows;
● Provides a management overview on a daily basis of which staff have clocked in, who clocked in late or
clocked out early and who has not clocked in at all.
● Management display updates every minute providing real-time information on staff clocking status.
● Maintains an ongoing database of all clocking records which can be printed out by month or by staff
● Provides a monthly clocking summary per employee, per day indicating hours worked, hours short and
approved overtime worked. (Used to input into payroll system.)
● Days not clocked can be investigated and marked for paid leave, unpaid leave, sick leave, on training etc.
● Reports per employee can be printed for any selected period to substantiate poor timekeeping if required
for a disciplinary enquiry.
● If employee remuneration data is correctly entered the system will calculate the actual hourly cost to
company for each employee.

IOClock automatically calculates actual time worked, time short and overtime hours worked and produces
monthly reports summarising the hours worked, hours short, leave days, etc. per employee which can then be
used to manually load this information into whatever payroll system is used.

The main purpose of IOClock is to provide an electronic time control system without the need for any clocking
devices other than the most basic PC.

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