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About ZixMailEncryption.com

ZixCorp provides policy-based email encryption for regulatory compliance. As the largest hosted email encryption service provider, they protect millions of email addresses including those of some of the nation's most influential institutions.

Their easy-to-use service connects entities with their customers and partners to protect and deliver sensitive information in healthcare, finance and government.

ZixCorp's unmatched Email Encryption Service allows customers to communicate seamlessly and securely with no additional work. Each ZixCorp customer is enrolled in the ZixDirectory, their global repository containing tens of millions of members and growing at a rate of 100,000 members each week. With ZixDirectory, customers eliminate the need to build their own directory of encryption keys to communicate securely with their partners and customers. ZixCorp's Email Encryption Service is easy-to-use and is the leading encryption service in the industry today.

ZixCorp's(r) Best Method of Delivery eliminates human error and ensures a secure message is delivered transparently and seamlessly.

Visit them at http://zixmailencryption.com/ or Call 800-818-8488 to know more.