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072 667 7146

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Oppenheimer circle



Supply ,Service & Installations of the following :
1) Spray painting booths / ovens - We manufacture ,supply and install a range of over 380 spray booths for Equipment ,Pumps ,Parts, Rims, Signage, Furniture ,Cars ,Trucks ,Busses ,Forklifts, Locomotives ,Earth moving equipment, Military equipment ,Aeroplanes & total custom designed units to your exact requirement and specification.
2) DIY Spray booths ,Prep bays with extractors. For all applications. Modular design and simple to install.
3) BAKING BOOTHS up to 800 degrees Celsius .Temperature controlled units.
4) Welding booths.
5) Chemical storage booths.
6) Paint storage rooms.
7) Pre- Engineered Modular structures . Offices ,partitions ,Stores ,Sound dampening rooms ,Temp site offices.
8) Shot blast booths .Manual Sweep type units through to fully automatic screw type or honeycombe floor type units which automatically cyclone and separate the dust and dirt from grit and re-supply for constant shotblasting without interruptions.
9) Infra red paint curing systems. Wall mount ,overhead ,portable units
10) Fully automated high volume paint mixing systems .
11) Climate controlled booths / storage units .Temperature and humidity controlled units.
12) Refrigeration
13) Factory / Warehouse air extraction
14) Dust extraction .Fixed and portable units.
15) Dust and fume extractors .
16) Sound attenuators / Dampers .
17) Air filtration.
18) BOOTH SPARES .Door handles ,Pressure locks ,Latch locks ,Lights ,Rubber seals etc
19) Import / Export and Local manufacture