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About ZenClean Dustmite Doctor

The ZenClean Dustmite Doctor Promise: Sleep with Peace of Mind!

''Don't Delay, Sanitise Today!''

Is ZenClean Dustmite Doctor just another Cleaning Company? On the contrary, says Zenia, owner of ZenClean Dustmite Doctor, and Independent Organic PowerClean Dealer ; -''This on site, dry, organic, chemical & toxin free process is at the forefront of advanced technology to fight mites, allergens and other uninvited nasty guests, creating a sanitised world for your family at home or for your guests in your hotel, guest house or B & B. They will never have to worry about who or what is sleeping in their beds! ''

We have doctor's referring patients to us as our sanitisation process eliminates Dust Mites and their Faeces, Mildew, Mould, Viruses, Bacteria, Biting Pepper Mites, Dog Dander, Cat Saliva, Dead Skin Cells,Perspiration,Dirt and Pollen which are known to cause or worsen Allergies and Illness. Did you know that Mites belong to the Spider family?? And did you know that your unsanitised mattress is one of the dirtiest items in your home or establishment and a breeding ground for Germs?? We achieve this through the use of our 4 step system which consists of:

1.. Highly Technologically Advanced and Powerful Extraction System

2.. Germicidal UVC Light Machine Treatment

3.. Organic Anti-Allergen Spray

4.. Ozone Machine Treatment

Steam cleaning is not recommended as the mattress stays wet inside and starts the vicious dust mite cycle over again, even faster than before! It also encourages the growth of Mould and Mildew!

We assist those who are suffering from asthma, allergies, sinus and ear problems, bronchitis, frequent illness and secondary infections, eczema or itching, low immune systems and the effects of oncology treatment, inclusive of those just ordinary folk who understand that a sanitised environment is a healthy one!

We also sanitise Duvets, Pillows, Carpets and Furniture for optimum results!

From a satisfied client: ''Just to let you know that my allergies have just about completely disappeared after you cleaned my house. My asthma, hay fever and coughing has virtually disappeared, so a big thank you once again.''
Carol W, Constantia

ZenClean Dustmite Doctor