The Yard Preparatory Academy

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93 Hibuscus Street


About The Yard Preparatory Academy

The Yard Preparatory Academy is a pre-primary/preschool offering Grade R, Grade RR and Grade RRR education in the Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria area. The Yard has been recognised by the Gauteng Department of Education for its Facility and quality of education.

We follow the CAPS curriculum for Grade R (also known as Grade 0), the same as used by any government school for Grade R. Grade R is the start of the foundation phase and forms the foundation of your child's further education. All our Grade R educators are fully qualified and our aim is to ensure that learners are ready for their "big school" day.

For Grade RR and Grade RRR (also known as Grade 00 & Grade 000) we follow an infor censoredcurriculum. Our educators provide fun educational activities that will prepare learners to progress to Grade R with ease. In addition to the curriculum and daily schedules, we aim to ensure that children feel safe, are happy, and develop as unique little people as they learn through play.