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Work With Us Recruitment Agency was established in Gauteng of 1997, relocated to Cape Town in 2001 and subsequently based in Durban not only offering/recommending properly qualified pre-selected candidates that have a history of excellence in work performance but Work With Us Recruitment Agency foremost, believes in a proper and good culture fit which ensures a long term mutually beneficial relationship between Employer and Employee.

Due to the increasing demand for employees in various industries and our selective candidate database, we are able to offer services over a broad spectrum covering labourers, artisans to professionals be it permanent positions, temporary assignments or contractual appointments for on-shore / local or off-shore international positions.

Research has shown that "A wrong placement can cost your company up to three times the annual salary and benefits package!" And equally an excellent person will perform at two to three times per level to "An average person!"

Our personalized services ensures pre-selected candidate database i.e. Advertising, Screening, Reference Checking, I.T.C., Criminal Checking and Short Listing based on the various industries demands we can ensure good and proper culture fits over and above proper qualified candidates. Once a placement has been made we endeavour to follow up with the client and candidate to ensure continued good relations.

Work With Us Recruitment team comes with years of personal, professional and precise experience, skills and expertise substantiated from experience within the various industries whereby supplying various proper qualified candidates being our forte.

Work With Us Recruitment Agency