Wooding Geospatial Solutions

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Phone Number:
031 765 1424

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Unit 5, Burnside
1 Builders Way, Hillcrest


Aerial Surveying

About Wooding Geospatial Solutions

Wooding Geospatial Solutions (WGS) is a well established aerial survey and mapping
company with over 30 years of experience. The company specializes in primary aerial data
acquisition and processing but also provides Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and
spatial data management services.
Key fields in which the company operates are:
* Aerial survey and orthophoto mapping
* LiDAR based laser scanner surveys
* Topographic mapping
* Spatial data management and GIS
* Vector data collection (2D and 3D)
* Infrared and multi-spectral imaging and analysis
* Land-use classification

Wooding Geospatial Solutions