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WONDER TANK is an innovative technology developed to take the tough out of degreasing fats, oils and grease which builds up carbon deposits during cooking and baking which is extremely labor intensive to remove.
The WONDER TANK is a soak tank system whereby soaking metal kitchen utensils removing the carbon build-up with NO EFFORT!
The WONDER TANK soak tank system is heat dependent and works together with our unique non- caustic, non- corrosive, environmentally friendly biodegradable chemical - WONDERCHEM.
WONDERCHEM is SABS approved powder that forms a solution, the solution is effective from 30 days of mixing into the tank and works at 85-95 degrees for maximum efficacy saving water and additional cleaning chemicals.

The "WONDER TANK" is your ultimate "WONDER SOLUTION" to effective cleaning providing Substantial Savings in your Operating Costs
* Eliminate Labor-Intensive Work & Unnecessary Wastage
* Most businesses need to reduce staffing levels during the current economic downturn.
* The labour-intensive Hospiality Industry has been especially affected.
We provide Solutions, helping to:
o Eliminate Labour-Intensive Work
o Reduce Usage of Energy & Water

o Utilise Staff more productively
o Ensure a Safer and more Hygienic Workplace
o Reduce Carbon Footprint
o Enhance Green Image

Chemical features of WONDERCHEM :

o A solvent replacement ,replaces mineral spirits and other hazardous solvents.
o A safe cleaner.
o A safe degreaser .Does not contain the toxic solvent.
o An environmental cleaner .Contains no phosphates.
o An environmental degreaser .Contains no known pollutants.
o Non-toxic, as proven by independent toxicology tests.
o Enzyme-free.
o Food-safe-SABS SANS 1828 approved.
o Free rinsing. Cleaner leaves no residue.
o Versatile. Works well in a vast number of applications.
o Long lasting. Works for 1 month in the soak tank system.
o Economical
o Ideal: For use in Bakeries, Restaurants, Grill Houses, Butcheries and Hospitality catering business.
o Safe on Aluminum.

o For use on: Any material safe when in contact with water (as per cleaning schedule).
o pH balanced.