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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning:The modern deep-cleaning techniques we use to treat carpets, rugs, lounge /dining suites, office furniture and mattresses will leave them spotless. Stain removal and deodorisation comes standard. Test our legendary attention to detail today.

Pre and Post-Occupational Cleaning (new and previously occupied units):Landlords! Let us take care of all your pre and post-occupational needs. We'll handle the maddening tasks you and your tenants likely don't have the time (or the will) to do. Your tenants will appreciate the peace of mind that our thorough deep-cleaning solutions will bring; relieving the stress of moving away or settling in.

Spring Cleaning:It's challenging enough to keep your home clean and tidy under nor censoredcircumstances. The deep, thorough clean that your home needs from top to bottom at least once a year is often tricky to squeeze into the nor censoredcourse of life. That's where we come in! Call in our well-trained team to attend to the smallest details that even your trusted domestic helper is likely to have missed. You owe it to yourself.

Hospitality :Our staff is expertly-trained to handle the exacting demands of the hospitality industry. Our service offering for hotels, resorts and casinos involves the thorough cleaning of everything from carpets and curtains to beds and room equipment. Our housekeeping solutions include towel and bed linen changes as well as complete laundry services.

Commercial Retail and Business Cleaning Services (Contract Cleaning):Our business cleaning services are the one-stop, no-nonsense answer to all your commercial cleaning needs. Whether it is cleaning office buildings, commercial complexes or public retail spaces such as supermarkets or banking halls, we attend to every bathroom, boardroom, break-out area, kitchen and corridor.

We take particular care to recruit and assign the most conscientious individuals to our commercial cleaning teams. We perform mandatory background checks on all staff and put them through etiquette training to ensure that they perform their duties courteously and competently without unnecessary disruptions to the public. For your convenience, our teams are available to work day shift, night shift, or both.

We also offer specialist cleaning services such as high-level cleaning, window cleaning, floor restoration and carpet maintenance services.

Temporary and Contract Labour Services: Take advantage of our temporary and contract labour services to eliminate all the hassles associated with the necessary expansion of your workforce during peak business periods. Perhaps your business cycle is driven by seasonality, or you may experience temporary bursts of customer demand. Allow us to eliminate your recruitment stress altogether.

o We can supply trained, motivated individuals that can be seamlessly integrated into your firm's existing management structure and identify readily as part of your organisational set-up. Because the staff we supply stay on our payroll, this translates to the immediate elimination of a host of HR-related headaches associated with engaging permanent employees. Through us, you can 'order in' reinforcements for fixed periods of time that suit your business needs. Speak to us today about your temporary and contract labour needs, and we'll tailor a solution for you that could include supplying basic unskilled labour and even skilled labour for managerial or supervisory roles.

* Education Cleaning Services:
o Institutions of learning have unique needs when it comes to cleaning services, and they are mandated by law to provide learners with an optimised learning environment-- upholding hygiene levels of the highest standards. We offer exceptional site-specific cleaning solutions that meet the precise needs of Education Sector: schools, universities, colleges and technical colleges.

o Speak to us about an outsourced-partnership that will take the pressure off your management resources, maximise productivity, allow you to better manage and optimise your cleaning budget-spend; allowing your organisation to concentrate on its core competencies.

o We understand the unique demands of the education sector and we are committed to assigning the most capable of our trained staff team members to service you. We offer tailored solutions that allow you leave staff contract supervision, shift-coordination and expert site cleaning completely in our hands.

* Flood Damage Restoration:
o Ever left the tap running by mistake, had floodwater from heavy rains seep into your home or even had your washing machine water outlet crack or leak? Well, such accidents happen more often than we would like and they are guaranteed to ruin your floors, carpets and furniture. Not unless you call in the experts to take care of the mess for you quickly and professionally.

o At We Clean It All, we take particular care to respond to emergency calls with the urgency they require. If it means moving earth and sky to get your property restored, we'll do it.

* Post-renovation Cleaning:
o Contractors! How many times has the lousy clean-up job your employees left behind detracted from the hard work you did for your clients? DIY enthusiasts! It can be fun to renovate your space, but not quite as enjoyable to get it back to a comfortable, liveable state. That's where we come in. Leave the cleaning to us.

o Call us in for all your post-renovation requirements. Whether it's cleaning up after a small paint job or cleaning out a newly-built home, office or business, we will do a great job. Trust us to remove paint and cement residue from all surfaces, get rid of building dust, polish floors, leave windows spotless, deep-clean carpets, steam-treat kitchens and bathrooms, and basically do whatever it takes to leave things as close to perfection as is humanly possible.

* Cleaning of Car Seats:
o Rethink that dodgy valet job you've been thinking of paying for, and call us in to see to your car seats. We'll conveniently come through to you wherever you are and deep-clean your car seats while your car is parked at work or at home.

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