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273 1100 1950

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296 Clark Rd



About Waterproofing Durban

Are you looking for professional roofing companies around Durban? Then you have come to the right place. We are professional specialists in roofing and our service areas are mainly Durban and all its surrounding areas including North, South, North and South Central and Inner and Outer West and many more. We conduct all roof related services such as roofing, roof repair and maintenance, roof restorations and replacements and also damp proofing. We utilize the latest technologies in damp proofing therefor we can guarantee love life solutions to any need you have. We believe that detecting issues your roof might have beforehand will save you more than repairing it afterwards and that is why we also provide full roof inspections and damage analysis to know how well your roof is protected and protecting you enough. We also provide roof renovation & repair, roofing maintenance, gutters & weather boards (Fascia), concrete, pitched, corrugated & flat roof so you can hand over any kind of matter with your roofs to us without any doubts. For more information you can always visit us at www.waterproofing-durban.co.za or call us on 031 100 1954.
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Waterproofing Durban