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The Just Water Filter is a great solution to getting purified filtered water in any home. The filter itself can be placed underneath the sink out of sight and filters the tap water before it reaches your sink nozzle. This filter uses the current mixer tap making it easy to keep using the sink and faucet as nor censoredto fill drinking glasses, coffee pots, cooking pots and more.

The filter cartridge lasts for a year (guaranteed) and is easily replicable with a twist on twist off system. Having direct access to clean fresh water helps eliminate the need for bottled water and beverages. Filtered tap water not only reduces the user's environmental impact but also helps economically. The cost of bottled water can quickly add up and with the Just Water Filter's 5 year warranty, consumers can be sure to reap the health and quality benefits from investing in a Just Water Filter.

Just Filter Water has been in the business for over 20 years providing New Zealand and Australia with smart filtered water solutions. It is a market leader for both residential and commercial water filtration and prides itself on upholding high customer service values.

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