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We can pick you up from work, home or office for your lessons and then drop you off at no additional charge
We offer a variety of driver training programs in class and in the car. Flexible timings are available to suit your work or school schedule.
Wanna Drive Driving School offer comprehensive programs for all your driver education and traffic safety needs! Excellence starts with the professional, patient and well-trained instructors
Do you have a questions that your dying to get answered, well there's a good chance that other learners had the same query!
Are you completely new to driving? A nervous driver? Or just unsure of what to do next? Not a problem follow our simple step by step guide to getting on the road
Our goal is to make you the most knowledgeable, skillful and defensive driver you can possibly be. Your life and your driving future are important to us.
Excellence starts with the professional, patient and well-trained driving educators you will find at our driving school.
We offer comprehensive programs for all your driver education and traffic safety needs
As a new driver, choosing professional driving instruction is one way to help ready yourself safely for the road.
If you need to pass your driving test in the shortest possible time we are here to help. With a strong reputation for success and first a rate customer service we will arrange everything for you.
Our driving lessons are designed to not only teach teenagers and adults how to drive, but to also address unique individual needs. We have extensive experience in working with nervous students, senior citizens, students diagnosed with ADD, stroke victims, individuals with macular degeneration who use bioptic lenses, mentally and physically challenged students, individuals who have sustained head injuries, hearing impaired students, etc. Our patient, understanding instructors always have the best interest of the student at heart.
International students of all ages have taken lessons at Wanna Drive Driving School to not only learn how to drive, but also to adapt their driving skills to gauteng traffic. Foreign students who have moved to South Africa we accommodate them by helping them to get a traffic register which is a document which we use to book for a learners license or drivers as long you have got a valid passport irregardless of which country.
All of our lessons are private -one student, one instructor. Our instructors come to the student's home or office to pick the student up for the lesson. After receiving a full two hours of instruction, the instructor then returns the student to the same location.
Prospective students are encouraged to enroll for one, two-hour lesson to give our instructors the opportunity to evaluate their specific needs as well as to give the student the opportunity to get to know our school. If additional lessons are recommended, or if the student feels the need for additional lessons, then the entire fee that the student paid for the initial two-hour lesson is applied to the cost of the package program that the student chooses. Example: If after taking the initial two-hour lesson, a student decides to enroll in a ten-hour program, then the 360.00 that the student paid for the initial two-hour lesson would be deducted from the price of the ten-hour program (1800.00) leaving a balance of 1440.00 to be paid for the remaining eight hours of instruction.The full package is 12 lessons ten plus 4 free.
We cater for learners ,drivers,date booking and refresher courses.
For bookings and appointments call Brian 0734482737/Whatsapp welcome.BBM-27B298AA

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