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Audio and Video Production

About Voo-C Video Works & Production

Your brand is your most important asset. Your customers are interacting with it 24/7/365 via the web. As technology has progressed, the combination of motion imagery and sound has become the preferred way that many companies now communicate their ideas and brand philosophies to their customers. There are only two ways to do this: through videos or brand films. Videos can be shot on a mobile phone. Brand Films are captured using the industry's finest optics and camera technology.

The following are examples of the services that we provide:
Television Series
Commercials & Infomercials
Instructional Videos
Sales & Marketing Presentations
DVD Duplication
Training Videos
Product Demonstrations
Construction - Time Lapse
Meeting Openers
Public Relations
Trade Shows
Concept Development
Graphics Animation, Actors, Narrators, Script Writers, etc.
Tape Duplication or Tape to DVD
Film to Video
Foreign Conversions: PAL & SECAM
Online Video

Voo-C Video Works & Production