#VeganCancer: Website Seeks to Help People Fund Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Projects

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About #VeganCancer: Website Seeks to Help People Fund Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Projects

Stylized as the #VeganCancer, the website rewards donations with virtual pieces of land, in order to symbolize the website's purpose of using public funds to design and develop community projects to promote a sustainable, cruelty-free living.

Started earlier this month, #VeganCancer is an online movement meant to use viral marketing to promote, fund and aid the development of community-designed projects worldwide. The website is still in its infancy, and is inviting people to donate a nominal fee of US$25 in exchange for the right to vote on a project of their choosing, while inviting architects, designers, and general folks to submit their project ideas and seek help from the community to better develop them.

"We're vegans, and we've been watching from the sidelines as the idea behind veganism as a personal choice becomes either heavily stigmatized with proselytizing militants, or falls flat of any real change as the ani censoredand livestock industry continues to make a profit from cruelty," said a member of the movement. "So instead of pushing the idea of veganism for long enough to make some miniscule change on the market's demand and supply, we decided to be more proactive without involving uninterested bystanders - by putting the ability to really save the lives of hundreds of animals in the hands of the everyman."

The website gives out certificates of virtual ownership for a square kilometer of land on a hosted world map for the cost of US$25, under the idea that owners become "patrons" of the virtual piece of land, and keep it safe. In reality, the money goes to voting on, and funding community-designed projects for the development of energy-sustainable, cruelty-free communities and ani censoredsanctuaries.

To promote the idea, the group organized the #VeganCancer Challenge. "The steps are simple," commented a member. "Take a video or picture of yourself hugging a tree, share it with the #vegancancer hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, and tag and challenge at least three other friends to participate in the challenge."

"The primary idea isn't just the idea of veganism - that is, abstaining for meat," said a member. "Instead, we're promoting the abolition of ani censoredusage without crusading on the same war of attrition that every other ani censoredrights organization has fought. Every single penny goes directly into qualifying and funding projects that lead to rescued animals and peaceful communities, all with a focus on using environmentally-friendly techniques like alternative energy, housing through recycled materials, solar efficiency and zero-emission construction, on land and islands purchased and owned by the #VeganCancer movement."

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