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There are many things to do and see in Cape Town if you enjoy clubbing and nightlife or calm mountain hikes. This article recommends only a few of the best places to visit on your South African holidays.

If you like hiking and bird watching you can head off for the Tygerberg Nature Reserve, located in the Tygerberg Hills. It's the only place in S. A. where you will be able to see the Swartland Shale Renostervel, which is an endangered species. There is also an Environmental Education Centre that's got a lovely herbarium and library to help you learn about biodiversity, ecology and geography.

The Cape of Good Hope was named this way by John II of Portugal as it was a good omen that India may be reached by sea from Europe. Previously Bartholomew Diaz had named it Cape of Storms due to it's stormy and threatening waters. It is now a nature reserve with over one hundred bird species and amazing Fynbos plants. Not far from the nature reserve is an ostrich farm where you can see the ostriches in their natural setting.

Continuing on you shall arrive at Cape Point. Lots of capetonians, and even some tour guides, will say that this is the spot at which the cold Benguela Current of the Indian ocean and the warm Agulhas Current of the Indian ocean collide. This is a little bit of a tale as the current actually collides anywhere between Cape Agulhas and Cape Point. It is true however that the collision of the currents makes these waters especially deadly to navigate and many Portuguese and Dutch ships sank attempting to reach India.

You'll love to go for a walk in Camps Bay which is perhaps one of the most highly exclusive sea-side areas near in city. With its exclusive hotels and posh houses, it's sandy shoreline and Palms, it is a small Miami, only better! It is a Cape Town usage to go for "sundowners" on the beach. This could mean either informally opening a bottle of wine while sitting on the sand or sitting in a luxury seashore cafe`. Either way Camps Bay is a good spot for sundowners!

Kirstenbosch, the flower gardens in the Cape, is a site you can't miss. They represent a very pleasing walk and pic-nic area with marvellously kept rolling green gardens, set against the background of craggy bluish mountains, and enveloped by all types of rare local and exotic plants. In summer they typically have music concerts which are actually the cherry on top.

When planning your holidays to Cape Town you must remember the weather is the exact opposite of what you would find in Europe and North America. In December it is going to be summer with a median temperature of 16-26 degrees Celsius and in July it's going to be winter with 8-18 degrees Celsius. The weather is generally a little gusty and variable and so it's good to always keep a raincoat / windbreaker with you.

You will enjoy the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront with its many curios shops and cafes. There's the two Seas Aquarium which is particularly fun for kids and a precious craft market where you can buy original souvenirs. Make absolutely sure to pop into the Scratch Patch where you can sit in a room full of semi-precious stones and handpick the ones you would like to take with you. This is a convenient way of picking up small presents for your chums as you purchase a packet full at a time.

For more information or reccomendations don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you with arranging a custom tour or just book your accommodation. We are cheaper than booking direct! holidays to Cape Town