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So you want to sell your home but you just can't bring yourself to pay an agency fee!

How would you like to be as effective as an experienced agent, but without the cost?

You must have asked yourself -
- Have I priced my property correctly?
- Will I get maximum exposure on the free websites?
- Do I understand all the legalities?
- How can I keep myself safe during the process?

These are just some of the problems that we solve in our U-Sell Toolbox! Read more here.

We have broken this process down into its major components and we walk you through each step along the way by means of our wonderfully thorough and easy to follow Sellers' Guide which includes;
1. How to price your property correctly
2. Presenting and marketing your home
3. Dealing with buyers (Including Show Day information)
4. Advice for advertising in print and online
5. The legal processes (simplified!)

In addition, your U-Sell Toolbox includes;
* A professional, personalized FOR SALE board (Enough with the hand painted signs!)
* A professional ON SHOW board for your Show Days
* Online advertising on PrivateProperty.co.za
* Online advertising on PropertyJunction.co.za
* Online advertising on Gumtree.co.za
* 1x printed advert in the Property Junction Magazine
* A full valuation report from Property24.com
* 2x Sales Agreements
* Personalized Show Day flyer template
* Municipal reports and a collection of forms and tables to help you along the way
* And one or two surprises ... because we can
All of this in one convenient package for a once-off cost of R3 750,00
No commissions, no hidden fees.
Simply fill in your details online, send us your pictures and your property description for the adverts, and we will send along everything you need to sell your property privately.
However, as we know, Murphy lurks in many dark corners and things don't always work out as planned. Perhaps, despite your best efforts you do not manage to sell your own property. Well don't worry - we have you covered.

If the U-Sell Toolbox does not result in a private sale then we will refer you to a carefully chosen Real Estate Agent who specialises in your area and they will pick up the process for you. Once they have sold your property - we will refund you the cost of your U-Sell package - so you have lost absolutely nothing along the way.

There is no risk, only a viable money-saving alternative!
If you would like to know more please visit our site at www.u-sell.co.za to watch our explainer video and order your U-Sell Toolbox.

Best Regards
The U-Sell Team