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273 1702 6531

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3 Devon Road



About Truck & Plant Engineering

Truck & Plant Engineering is a repair & breakdown specialist.we offer the following:
* General Engineering & Fabrication
* Welding: Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminium and Stainless Steel..
* Repairs to All Types of Trucks, Plant and Machinery
* Broken Bolts, Helicoils and Thread Repairs
* Fitting and Turning, Milling, Line Boring & Production
* Pressing of Bushes (80Tonne Press)
* Overhaul & Repair Axles and Diffs ( Incl King Pins, Bushes and Machining of Bearing & Thread areas for Trucks, Plant & Forklifts)
* Hydraulics: Manufacturing and Overhauls of Cylinders and Systems.
* Manufacture ALL Types of Tools: Sockets, Spanners, Seal Installers, Tube Sockets, Brake Liner Tools, Gear Pullers, Hydraulic Pullers and any Sample Provided.
* All Truck & Plant Part Repairs & Modifications incl: Spring hangers, V-Stays, Bell Housings, Diffs, Power Dividers, Sumps, Bogie Axles/Balance Beams incl. Manufacturing new ends, Trunion Housings, All Bearing and Seal Areas, Bushes and Sleeves, Pins & Shafts.
* Bobcat/Skidsteer Parts: Guaranteed Quality Pins & Bushes, Bobtaches, H-Frames, Tapers.
* TLB, Excavators & Grader Parts: Guaranteed Quality Pins & Bushes, H-Frames, Tapers.
* Repair, Manufacture & Modify Buckets for All Plant & Machinery

Truck & Plant Engineering