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About The Trivedi Effect® – Mahendra Trivedi

Mahendra Trivedi, Known as the Master of Transformation has the ability to transform living beings and non-living objects by harnessing and transmitting a Universal Energy through the power of his thoughts. This phenomenon is known as The Trivedi Effect(r). With the help of his abilities he has gifted many people a life full of peace, happiness and overall well-being. Mahendra Trivedi did not stick to the traditional role and image of a spiritual master. Instead he proceeded towards linking science with spirituality to test his own abilities and its effects. He founded two organisations, the Trivedi Foundation(tm) in 2009 and Trivedi Master Wellness(tm) in 2011 in order to serve his purpose to the mankind.

The Trivedi Effect(r) is a natural phenomenon of Energy Transmission through the power of thoughts. It significantly improves each individual's ability to listen to his or her own inner guidance system and connects that individual to the infinite source of Universal Intelligence in such a way that, within a short period of time, people start harnessing the Life Force from the inner guidance system. That life force has the ability to bring everything into a person's life, which includes good physical and mental health, emotional and psychological balance, financial abundance and healthy relationships.

The Trivedi Effect® – Mahendra Trivedi