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About Torre Industries Ltd

Torre Industries Ltd is a Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed industrial group which provides equipment and machinery, auto parts, financing and support services to its customers in selected high growth markets in the industrial sectors across Africa, these sectors include the automotive, construction, earthmoving, agricultural, engineering, mining, manufacturing, and condition monitoring industries.

Torre Industries core business includes the sale and rental of branded capital equipment and machinery, the distribution of high quality parts and components, the delivery of critical support services, and the provision of financing solutions which are essential to support its customer's expansion programmes.

The role of Torre Industries SA is to support our subsidiaries in order to maximise performance and shareholder value. We are able to achieve this by centralising certain functions where high levels of capacity and expertise are required which are not normally found in the industrial businesses that we acquire, or where better terms can be obtained by utilising the combined buying power of the Torre group.