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About TOMCAT Wood Chippers

TOMCAT Wood Chippers is specifically built for our unique and tough South African environment. Our main focus line at TOMCAT is the manufacturing of drum-style hydraulic feed wood chippers. We also manufacture smaller gravity-feed wood chippers and a range of other complimentary products such as log-splitters and stump grinders. We only manufacture drum-style wood chippers as we believe it is the best at handling our wood species.

The first TOMCAT Chipper was built in 2008 in the Western Cape, South Africa. We started out with a small gravity-feed wood chipper and today manufacture more than 120 hydraulic-feed chippers per year at our manufacturing plant in Worcester. Our chippers is sold based on the capacity of machine. Our chippers range in capacity from 100mm to chippers that can devour trees of up to 375mm in diameter. Most of our chippers is sold locally in South Africa although we also export chippers monthly to foreign countries, mostly in Africa.

TOMCAT wood chippers are manufactured passionately, our team is dynamic and we are driven to give our loyal customers the best service and after sales service that will meet and exceed their expectations.

TOMCAT WOOD CHIPPERS - Driven, Dynamic & Passionate

TOMCAT Wood Chippers