Tenth Sports (Ratchersons Trading cc)

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Tenth Sports (Ratchersons Trading cc)
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soccer kits, sportswear, sports equipment, sports accessories
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Tenth Sports is leading manufacturing company in sportswear
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TENTH SPORTS (Ultimate Sports Partner)
We born to glory, destined to be extra ordinary. All in order to better sports experience, it provides the best fashion sportswear, equipment and accessories for all sports fans around the world.
Ratchersons Trading CC T/A Tenth Sports is a leading & innovative manufacturer, importer & distributor of High-Quality sportswear, sports equipment and sports accessories based in Kew, Johannesburg, South Africa. We are one of the fastest growing company providing best sports codes to individuals, schools, universities, colleges, government department, sports clubs, academies and corporate companies.
Our widest range of sports codes including soccer, cricket, rugby, volleyball, netball, basketball, athletics, martial arts, boxing equipment, karate, judo, Jitsu, weight lifting products, golf shirts, t shirts, track suits, promotional products including promotional soccer balls, promotional rugby balls, promotional net censoredand many more sports products under the banner of Tenth Sports. We are currently having famous brands under our company including GRIP GEAR SPORT, LEEMAN, BALLON STAR, TENTH, TEAM STAR, R SON 1, SOCCERMAX FIFA PRO& HS cricket brand.
Our products are advertised throughout the world by the help of catalogues, brochures, online websites and personal visits to different countries of the world. These efforts bore fruit and we managed to establish our credibility and began exporting quality sporting equipment.

Team @ Tenth Sports South Africa (Ratchersons Group)
UNIT 12.1, 13, 14 Twin Park, 96, 2nd Avenue Kew 2090,
South Africa
Tel: +27114400348
Cell: +27733383355
Email: salesattenthsports [dot] co [dot] za
xpertatlive [dot] co [dot] za

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Monday: 9:00 - 17:00
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Unit 14, Twin Park
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