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072 593 0505

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304 Oak Avenue


Domestic Placements and Training

About Telcomaid Domestic Agency

Training provided
Telcomaid offers training to all candidates to ensure that they perform their duties efficiently. The training entails teaching prospective workers how to clean homes as well as offices. We also provide for censoredtraining for the care of babies, toddlers and pre-scholars. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your children are taken care of by a competent child minder, who is trained to stimulate children accordingly. As part of the training, we also focus on improving the candidates' self-esteem as well as enhancing their communication of conversational English (if necessary). We like to go the extra mile when it comes to training our candidates - the main purpose being to provide them with the necessary tools to do their jobs well.
Telcomaid only selects top candidates from a pool of candidates who wish to better themselves. We choose to place only the best candidates available at any given time.

Placement fee
Our placement fee includes a three month warranty. This allows the client sufficient time to find the right person in the event of the initial or even second choice, not working out - for whatever reason. Commissioning our services is free - should you not find a suitable candidate through Telcomaid, no fee is payable. We only charge a placement fee, once we have sourced a person with whom you are satisfied and a job offer made.

Telcomaid Domestic Agency