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We basically re-process plastic waste from discarded rubbish on a landfill to a useful product that are used as a raw material to plastic manufacturing companies , injection moulders as well as pipe manufacturers cpuntry wide . Our product is sold all over South Africa and even cross-border up to the Angolan border.

We do not buy , collect or sell plastic waste which means we are not plastic collectors or plastic sorters or grinders of waste plastic . We are waste plastic recyclers which re-process the waste to a completely different product at the end , clean and usable to manufacture new goods from recycled material .
You can either buy virgin raw material from Sasol etc or you can buy recycled raw material from us to do almost the same job, but in the process you consider the environment and bring down your manufacturing cost considerably.

The plastics industry are getting more and more educated concerning recycled raw material instead of virgin material and those who use our material never looks back . We recycle mainly Polypropolene [ PP OR NO.5 ] and then H.D.PE injection and extrusion grade as well as L.D.PE . We also do contract work for our clients where we re-process their own materials for them.

Our recycled product comes with a 100% return-guarantee which means we will take back and replace any of our product with which our customers are not 100 % satisfied at no cost to them. We have a very good track record with our recycled product and are some of the best that are produced.

TAS Plastics