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System Specific was developed by Business Professionals focused on quality assurance, OHSE, ground and flight operations, maintenance and company specific financial reporting. Current economic woes and the latest civil legislation are met head-on by optimum efficiency at significantly lower costs.

System Specific has been successfully implemented in diverse business segments including production, logistics and aviation. A basic business model is tailored to your specific requirements: number of aircraft, operational area and type. A Project manager, offering expert advice and audit assistance, is assigned to your project for the duration of the service.

In accordance with current legislation, System Specific's new automated system enables online storage and tracking of all documentation, including:

* automated email notifications
* an automated quality and safety system
* the experience of a highly experienced and dedicated team, experts
* easily updated documents and manuals
* pre-audits by an expert who will accompany you to a scheduled audit
* on-site assistance with compliance
* free training backed by technical assistance, 24/7
* customized maintenance tracking reports for your
specific business and industry

As each system is unique to an individual operation, our technical staff will show you how accurate reporting enables your business to really take off.

System Specific