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South African Web Hosting and Design Services was formed in November of 2010 on the premise that we could deliver a web hosting service superior to the service provided by the industry at that time. During the year prior to our launch we discovered that in order to deliver outstanding web hosting we needed to have many systems in place that we had initially never dreamed were necessary. With our new innovations based on our previous experience in web hosting us now sincerely believe that we provide a superior web hosting service. Having said that we will continue to work on improving our levels of service. The Internet is a truly wonderful medium - However, it takes so much more than simply putting up a website to ensure that Internet dreams are realized. As with any business it takes hard work and experience to succeed. We have the experience! It is our goal to be more than just a company that provides you with web hosting for your website or ADSL connectivity. Through the numerous values added services that we include with all our hosting and connectivity packages we hope to provide each of our clients with the tools that will enable them to make their website both effective and more profitable.