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About Solergy heat pumps

Solergy, together with our strategic partners bring over 20yrs experience in the heatpump industry. Our core focus is on quality systems that are designed specifically for the South African climate.

We believe in the long term and are proud to say that some of our heat pumps have been around since 1987 and are still running today! Our heat pumps use a unique way of heating water, unlike other heat pumps on the market which uses a hot water pump to circulate the water between the geyser and the heat pump. Our units circulate the hot gas from the compressor to the heat exchanger located in direct contact with the water in the geyser and this is a patented design. This method of heating eliminates the use of a pump and there is no heat loss due to the length of the pipe run. There is no maintenance of a pump, no having to service the heat exchanger and no filters in the hot water line to be cleaned.

Due to this unique way of heating, comparing kilowatt for kilowatt, our Heat Pumps are 20% more efficient than any other heat pump on the market. This is a fact as our opponents have heat exchangers built into their heat pump machines and their heat exchanger's lengths are governed by the size of the heat pump casing. With our Heat Pumps the heat exchangers are 6.1 times longer than any other heat pump on the market therefore we are able to confidently announce that we 20% more efficient.

At the end of the day a 20% more efficient heat exchanger and no electric power required to drive a pump and our evaporator fan that barely runs during the day, all you have is a compressor that runs with only one moving mechanical part. A longer heat exchanger and the water set thermostatically at 55degC, the compressor only works at 60% of its official capacity, extending the life span of our heat pumps. As per our past, we intend to see our units running smoothly in another 20yrs time!

Solergy heat pumps