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My name is Ken Resnick and I am an educational psychologist and family negotiator residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. My unique evidence-based SmartChoiceParenting programme that I have developed and evaluated enables parents to deal with virtually all manner of behaviour problems and helps them in raising kids to become independent, motivated and successful adults.
About me and my complete guide for parents began after I was employed as a school psychologist at a private school in South Africa. Over the 20 years experience in this position, I was able to assess hundreds of children with problems ranging from learning difficulties and ADD/ADHD to all manner of behavioural problems.

This, in fact, led me to conclude that all of these children were dependent on somebody, usually an educator (parents and/or teachers), always being needed to help them. I then realised that dependent children have low self-esteem. The answer in helping them become independent lay with the educators (parents/teachers). In my complete guide to parenting, I found that the answer lay in finding the recipe that would enable children to be independent, self-motivated and happy individuals who felt good about themselves and had high self-esteem. I did this by coming to the realisation that everything a child does is a choice. My advice to parents was to help them become aware of the importance of their role as the authority figure in their child's life. They were shown how to ensure that their child owned the consequences of their bad choices. The moment a parent has to bear the brunt of their child's bad choices, the child is in control.
The SmartChoiceParenting programme which not only gives advice to parents as to what to do but shows them how to do it. When parents learn how to stay in control, the house calms down. The programme is unique and very effective. I have had the good fortune of being step-father to three kids where I was able to implement the structures that I have developed within my own family. The outcome has seen three motivated, high achieving and happy children with good self-esteem. We have no sibling rivalry, tantrums, backchatting or any other significant behaviour problems with them. They are not gifted or different to any other regular kids that you see everywhere. The secret to their success can be put down to effective parenting. Children's problems manifest themselves as a result of bad parenting.

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