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About Shoply Virtual Shopping Mall

Shopping marketplace packed with attitude. Nurture small brands. Meet others who share your tastes. Shoply brings thousands of small brands and local businesses together in one place. Think of Shoply as a virtual shopping mall filled with the cool shops and awesome products. Shopping on Shoply is quick and easy, safe and secure. Every purchase you make on Shoply is a vote for small business. Each product you buy helps nurture them more.
Alongside supporting small businesses, members also like to:
1. Fan Shops
To show your support for sellers become a fan of their shop. It's guaranteed to put a smile on their face and also boosts their marketplace ranking giving them more exposure.
2. Like Products
Favouriting products helps you track what you like on Shoply. It also helps us create your taste profile so we can suggest other products we think you'll like too.
3. Follow members
Following other members makes it easy to keep updated with shops they have fanned and products they like. Never miss out on the coolest new products or promotions again. Work with incredible sellers. Be grateful you joined the growing community of people eager to help them flourish. Connecting you with products you love and the brands which create them. The team is based in London and San Francisco and dedicated to democratising and socialising ecommerce. The internet is an incredible force for good and should be harnessed to enrich peoples lives. The company is backed by VC Investors in the USA and Europe
To your succes,
Peter van Rensburg

Shoply Virtual Shopping Mall