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PTC heaters for commercial air conditioners are constituted by PTC components, which are protected by insulation layer, and placed into aluminium tube in JX series. Parallel rows are adopted to increase power with length unchanged.
Designed with thermostat and fuses, protecting air conditioners from functional failure, With insulation design, no flame and safety, the heater is stable and energy saving.
PTC heating element for air conditioner makes the product perfect with the advantages of rapid temperature rising, long working life, auto-temperature control, etc.
Besides, we also design and produce customized products.
Item Parameters
Rated Voltage (V) 12~380V
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50(60)
Size of radiator (mm) 200~700
Rated power range (W) 500~5200
Power tolerance (%) +5~-10
Insulation resistance (MO) >=100
Electric Strength (V/min) 1500
PTC withstand voltage (V) 450
Power decay rate (%) <=10%/1000h
Max Surface Temperature (Celsius) 270
Response time of thermostat when overheated <=6m
Response time of fuse when overheated <=15m

Nor censoredType:
Item Power (W) Size (mm) Structure
MZFR-J10x42 1000 420x44x15 Single Al tube
MZFR-J15x68 1500 680x44x15 Single Al tube
MZFR-J16x55 1600 550x44x15 Single Al tube
MZFR-J20x56 2000 560x62x15 Single Al tube
MZFR-J25x30 2500 300x90x15 Three Al tubes
MZFR-J30x69 3000 688x59.4x15 Two Al tubes
MZFR-J30x35 3000 354x90x15 Three Al tubes
MZFR-J32x56 3200 560x59.4x15 Two Al tubes
MZFR-J35x69 3500 690x59.4x15 Two al tubes
MZFR-J40x70 4000 700x90x15 Three Al tubes
MZFR-J43x70 4300 700x123x15 Three Al tubes

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