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About Salvum Projects

Welcome to Salvum Projects (Manufacturers, suppliers and importers of all Modular and Prefab housing and all related activities)

Structures are constructed using insulated panels. Panels are manufactured to any length and various facing materials and finishes

The benefits and Advantages using our insulated panelling is that panels are prefabricated and accelarates the installation process by reducing time spent on the site. It is energy efficient and a fundamental element in our global fight against climate change. It also reduces electrical bills as air-conditioned rooms benefit from the insulation properties of the system. Insulated panels are much more sound proof (in comparison with ordinary construction / dry-walling) and provides a much stronger service to mount shelves, TV's, frames, etc.

Products that we offer:

container housing, mining camps, schools, clinics, offices, accommodation units, and for the low and middle cost housing sector ,Canteens, churches, office blocks,factories, Farm Buildings, Accommodation

Optional Extras On Modular Homes & Buildings:

Outdoor blinds ans Pool covers
Build in Cupboards for bedroom
Kitchen Cupboards
Toilet and shower
Electrical and plumbing fitment

Why Use us:

We offer the best construction prices in South Africa quarenteed

We have a Certified safety officer that can manage the site (if needed)

Nor censoredBuilding costs in SA range between R 6500 m2 - R12 000 m2. Our Building costs are R 2500 m2 - R 6000 m2.

Sites are owner supervised and inspected

We offer Turnkey projects. Foundation construction, Plumbing, Electrical fitment, basic landscaping and most Interior decorations.

If we dont have what you need? We will source it for you!

90 % of our modular housing materials are recyclable

We use only Eco Friendly building materials(Building sites are clean, Mother Earth stays unharmed)

Fast turnaround time 6 to 8 weeks depending on size of project (after deposit the prefabrication takes +/-30 days + 2 to 7 days installation)

Bigger deposit? Larger Discount!

Your house is packed into containers in its entirety and can be safely delivered directly from source to site, anywhere in Africa

Salvum Projects