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Himalayan Salt


Deal of the year (2013)
YET! Another sparkling year 2013 starts. All of us working on New Year resolutions for better business growth. Let us thankful to all our valuable clients for their love, care & support throughout 2012.
The SALTPUR Himalayan Salt Lamp is widely known and regarded for its natural ability to improve indoor air quality, enhance mood, and generate warm ambiance.
The health benefits of using one or more around the home or business are well-documented anecdotally and based firmly in scientific knowledge of water, salt and theevaporation process.
Salt lamps works naturally by attracting airborne moisture to the lamp surface which should be at least warm to the touch for opti censoredresults. This hygroscopic process is the special relationship of salt and water. Water evaporation creates a small field of beneficial negative ions around the salt lamp; over time the balance of these ions in the air increases against typically more numerous (and harmful) positive ions, essentially neutralizing them.
SALTPUR Himalayan Salt Lamps aren't simply chunks of rock salt with a light bulb or candle inside. This is very ancient, very special, and completely beneficial to your surroundings. High-quality salt lamps are attractive, meaning people are drawn to them and enjoy looking at them. We know this from experience in our office building, homes, and warehouse environments. Natural ioizing "SOL" magnets, in a way. See what they do for you.
HERE we got another fantastic deal 2013 for all of you. NEW stock just unpacked today:
1. Natural Salt Lamps series (orange/red) (2 to 20 kgs)
2. Natural Salt Lamps series (white) only available in 2-3 kg
3. Pyramid Salt Lamps (Small, Medium, Large)
4. Fire Bowl Salt Lamps (Small, Medium, Large)
5. Ball Salt Lamps (round shape lamps for you)
6. Edible Salt Range (FINE SALT & COARSE SALT)
7. Bath Salt Range (6-10 mm for soothing bath) pink or white salt
8. Bath Salt Chunks (golf ball size)
9. Mini USB salt lamps (your best computer buddy) Natural & Colors
10. Cooking/Chopping Boards (customer's demand of 2012) medium & large sizes
11. Salt Bowl (for all your herb grinders) (available as grinder or serving bowls)
12. Salt Massage Stones (how about having salty massage to make your body relax)
13. Salt Deodorant Soaps (good bye to all bad body odors)
14. Salt Detoxify Machine Lamps (detoxify your hands and feet after long working hours)
15. Salt Massage Pillows (For your head, neck, arm, chest, back, leg & feet stiffness and pains)
16. Salt Candle Holders (1, 2, 3 holes) (Ideal for dinner table, lounge or place anywhere you like)
17. Salt Soap on Rope ( Natural antiperspirant salt crystal soap on rope)
18. Rose Water (Rosewater is a boon to your face, hair, body, mind and soul.)
19. Salt Inhaler Pipe (salt air pipe inhaler natural remedies for respiratory, breathing, lung function, inflammation & smokers is 100% safe, effective with no side effects.
20. Salt Neti Pots (The Aromatic Salt Neti Pot promotes free breathing and healthy sinus drainage, and removes pollen, allergens, and excess mucus from the nasal passages)
21. Multani Mud Masks (Multani mud's highly absorbent qualities make it a superb face mask and an excellent coolant for aggravated and irritated skin)
22. Original Himalayan Mud Masks (A unique natural Himalaya mud mask that refreshes and rejuvenates facial skin by absorbing excess oil and removing impurities. Mineral mud improves circulation and makes the skin soft and tender.

There are many more to choose from. SALTPUR research and development department busy working on new salt products. Keep exploring for new salt products from SALTPUR-SA
For more information on our products, retail, wholesale prices & details please contact us at salmanatsaltpur [dot] co [dot] za or 073-338-3355 / 011-079-4090 / 074-507-8538 or visit us at
Warm regards,

Salman Ahmed
(Owner at SALTPUR)