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About Sabricon

Sabricon was established in 1945 as a trading company importing products from Continental Europe and the United Kingdom. Soon Sabricon began to manufacture sewer cleaning equipment for the local plumbing industry and quickly established itself as the leading supplier of quality products for the professional plumber. During the dark times of the apartheid era Sabricon concentrated on supplying the local market with its needs. After sanctions were lifted following the democratic elections of 1994 Sabricon began to work on developing export customers. This effort has been well rewarded as Sabricon now exports to over 20 countries world wide.

Mr Graham Dewar, owner and CEO, says, "We attribute our success to the consistantly high quality products and reliability which are delivered at unbeatable prices. Our customers know they can pay more, but they can't buy better!"

Sabricon has an ongoing programme to develop new products and solutions for the professional plumbing industry. For our customers this means that we will always be willing to help solve their problems and will even custom make special items for them.

Sabricon's manufacturing prowess has been rewarded by partnerships with leading brands in the sewer cleaning business. Sabricon now acts as the supplier to international companies that have chosen to outsource their manufacturing, thereby improving their competitive position whilst retaining top quality products.