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23 Polaris Road, Lansdowne


About Roofing and Steel

Our vision remains as always to be able to provide our customers with fast accurate and Roofing and Steelhonest service. Moving forward into the future extending our capability to produce and manufacture innovative and useful products such as our "Fold Away" cloth line and also our amazing Knight Brand Security Fencing and Spikes that prevents thieves from stealing our clients assets. Enabling our customers to enjoy one stop shopping for Fencing, Gates, Security Spikes, Electric Fencing, Intercom Systems Stone Screens and Guards as well as Gate Motorisation, in fact anything in steel that is related to the security of our customers.

We believe that our customers are our best asset and as such must always be made aware of the limitations of our products or any products on offer. When we are at fault we admit and rectify without undue fuss or recrimination.

We want happy customers because we do realise that satisfied clients are our best advertisement.We recognise that our valued staff are not only our colleagues, but actually more like our family and we treat each other with respect and dignity because in this way our overall lives are improved day to day.Also very importantly the directors make themselves available to all our clients for advice and guidance across the full range of our projects and expertise.

These things ARE where we place our values.