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About Rick Crouch | Private Investigator

Rick Crouch & Associates have worked with some of the biggest names in the California legal fraternity including but not limited to; Mark Geregos, Michael Cardoza, Barry Rothman and Kenneth Schriber.

Mostly through our attorney clients we have worked on some of the most high profile cases in the United States which include murder, fraud, embezzlement, homicide and child molestation to name but a few.

Our Durban office responds to queries and incidents throughout South Africa, Africa and Europe and our California office responds to queries and incidents throughout the North, Central and South America.

Investigators with more than 30 years international experience.

Rick Crouch & Associates is a multi-faceted investigation and security consulting firm that serves corporations, insurance companies, law firms, individuals and their families. We provide investigative solutions to complex problems. Rick Crouch & Associates has been highly successful in providing evidence and proof for our clients.

By the time you've decided to hire a private investigator, you've probably exhausted your confidence; you may even believe your situation is hopeless. We can help.

When you discuss your specific situation, we will listen to you carefully, discuss your options and offer you a detailed course of action we believe will help your circumstance. Our consultation is completely free of charge and you can have peace of mind knowing your consultation is strictly confidential. Your trust is the first step to solving your difficulty.

Quality Client [Customer] Service

Whatever the circumstances, clients always receive the right combination of ability, experience and efficiency. Clients who choose the private investigators of Rick Crouch & Associates receive the following:

  1. Client is king corporate philosophy
  2. Emergency service and flexible office hours
  3. Free initial consultations
  4. Affordable fees in writing
  5. Personal care and attention
  6. We will fight for you.

Each case is handled on a individual basis with professional regard devoted to all phases of the investigation. We fully understand the gravity and importance that your case deserves and we are determined to provide you with the best quality service.

Private Investigators You Can trust

Rick Crouch & Associates has been recognized as one of the best private investigator firms, based on the experience, professionalism, and ethics of its dedicated agents. Rick Crouch & Associates is a full service private detective agency, with offices in the United States and South Africa.

If you are looking for an experienced Private Investigation agency, call us today to schedule a consultation. We are confident you will be satisfied with our professional service.

Get in touch with us at infoatrickcrouch [dot] co [dot] za or (076) 449-5263 to discuss any requirements you may have and we will be happy to offer you the best of our services at affordable prices.

Rick Crouch | Private Investigator