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About Rentacheapie Car Hire

Rentacheapie car hire is a car rental agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. We pride ourselves on being the cheapest car rental option and are glad we can make car travel in the city so affordable.

Rentacheapie began back in 2006 when Grant Baker was approached by a German neighbour who asked whether he would “lend” his Golf Chico to him for R100 a day for a few days. At the time, it was a sensible way to make a little extra money on the side and the client was happy too, for such a bargain price. However, a few weeks later there was another knock on the door and he was now asking to borrow ‘the cheapie’. At that moment something struck home. There was really an opportunity to rent out ‘cheapie’ cars and with this model - the Chico Golf - it would be quite possible to buy a small fleet of them and turn a tidy profit. Sidebar: Did you know that a Chico Golf is a fashion statement of some sorts in Paris?!

Well, with all the European tourists, especially in the summer, and more especially the kite-surfers, they would all descend on Cape Town and be looking for a cheap car to rent. Thankfully, born out of necessity and a little ingenuity, Rentacheapie was created and as of writing we’re now at about 500 cars, many of which are a Parisian-fashion-statement Chico!

Our car rental company is based in Cape Town, South Africa and we take great pride in being the most economical car rental option in the city. Perhaps the country! We are really stoked to be able to make car travel more cost effective so you can spend more of your hard-earned money on seeing out city’s sights and sounds. We hope to hear from you soon and thanks for reading.

Rentacheapie Car Hire