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Rajkumar Agro Engineers Pvt Ltd, a leading firm betrothed in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of food and agro processing equipment for various applications. Catering to diversified requirements of our clients, we deliver a qualitative range of equipment that ensures perfection and transparency in all the spheres of our activity. Innovative designing, development and inspection have enabled us to contribute considerably in the arena of food processing industry.
We deal in following products:-
Oil Expellers, Mini Oil Expellers, Oil Mill Plant, Mini Oil Mill Plants, Hand Operated Oil Expellers, Hand Operated Oil press, Hand Operated Mechanical Press, 6 Bolts Oil Expellers, 3 HP Single Phase Oil Expellers, Three Phase Table Model Oil Expellers, Baby Boilers, 4 Bolts Oil Expellers, Semi Automatic Oil Expellers,Steam Boiler, Filter Presses, 4 Bolts Export Model Oil Expellers, 9 Bolts Expeller Chambers, Semi Automatic Oil Expellers Cabinet Model With Electric Panel Boards,Single Phase Table Model Oil Expellers, 4 Bolt Expellers, Export Model Oil Expellers, Baby Oil Expeller, Double Chamber Oil Expeller, Oil Expeller Machine, Long Kettle Oil Expeller, Double Gear Oil Expeller, Single Phase Oil Expeller, Cashew Nut S censoredOil Expeller, Cashew Nut S censoredOil Processing, Cotton Seed oil Expeller, Groundnut Oil Expeller, Mustard Oil Expeller,Jatropha Oil Expeller, Karanj Seed Oil Expeller, Neem Seed Oil Expeller,Copra Oil Expeller, Virgin Oil Expeller, Coconut Oil Expeller, Palm Nut Oil Expeller,Palm Fruit Expeller, Decorticators, 1 Hp Single Phase Decorticators Without Shaker Screen, 1 Hp Single Phase Decorticators, Groundnut Decorticators With Shaker Screen, Groundnut Decorticators, 5 Hp Decorticators, Decorticators With Grader System,Jatropha Decorticator,Karanj Decorticator,Pongamia Decorticator,Neem Decorticator,
Pulverizers, Multipurpose Pulverizers, Box Type Pulverizers, Fan Filter Connector Cyclone Model Pulverizers, Stainless Steel Pulverizers, Cyclone Model Pulverizer, grinders, Grindning Machines,
Chaff Cutters, Power censoredHand Operated Chaff Cutters, New Model Chaff Cutter with Blower Type, Food Processing Machines, Sewai Making Machines, Vermicelli Making Machines, Dal Mills, Flour Mills, Mini Flour Mills, Domestic Flour Mills With Cabinet Model,Atta Chakki, Domestic Flour Mills, Mini Dal Mills, Vegetable Cutting Machine, Vegetable mulching machine, Vegetable compost making machine, Onion Paste Making Machine, Tomato Paste Making Machine, Green Chili Paste Making Machine, Rice Machines, Mini Harvesters For Rice, Mini Harvesters, Rice Harvesters, Rice Cutters,Brush Cutters,Grass Cutter,Grass Cutting Machines,Rice Harvester Cutter, Hand Cranked Rice Transplanters, Rice Transplanters,2-Row Hand Cranked Rice Transplanters,4-Row Hand Cranked Rice Transplanters,6-Row Hand Cranked Rice Transplanters,8-Row Hand Cranked Rice Transplanters, Reaper, Rice Reaper, Reaper with Tractor Attachment, Pellet Making Machines, Flat Die Pellet Making Machines, Pellet Mill, Mini Pellet Mill, Mini Pellet Making Machine, Floating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine, Sinking Pellet Making Machines, Pellet Mill for Feed industry, Pellet Mill for Poultry Feed, Pellet Mill for Aquarium Feed , Pellet Making Machine for Cattle Feed, Feed Making Machine, Briquette Making Machine, Charcoal Briquette Making Machine, Straw Wood Waste Briquette Making Machine, Saw Dust Briquette Making Machine, Sugarcane Bagasse Briquette Making Machine, Bagasse Briquette Making Machine, Clay Brick Making Machines, Semi Automatic Clay Brick Making Machine, Wire Cutting Clay Brick Making Machine, Clay Brick Making Machine with Vacuum Extruder, Clay Crusher, Wood Chippers, Shredders, Chippers, Heavy Duty Wood Chippers, Hammer Mills, Heavy Duty Hammer Mills, Mixer censoredBlender, Mixing Machines, Mixer, Blender, Car Washers, High Pressure Car Washers, Portable High Pressure Car Washers, Super Wash Multiutility Portable High Pressure Washing Machine, Superwash, Portable Car Washer,
Destoners Machines, Destoner, Seed Grader Machines, Seed Cleaners, Heavy Duty Seed Roaster, Seed Roaster,Paddy Rice Threshers, Paddy Thresher, Tiller, Mini Tiller, Power Tiller,Sparyer.
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Rajkumar Agro Engineers Pvt.Ltd.