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Treadmill Repairs and Services


"Treadmill being problematic and still haven't experienced a guaranteed service with the right company in the market as yet?"
Well look no further as all you got to do is name your model and your problem, and allow us to help with the solution!!!!
ProTech Treadmill Repairs is a fully and well established services oriented based business. We have been in this industry for an approximate time of 5 years and in this fast paced world - our business growth has reached optimum levels. Prior to our establishment, we have been playing an integral part to all existing clients and will continue to do so to present and future clients.
Our main objective is to provide our clients with a highly responsible and trustable technician whom will be in full authorisation in providing our clients with the best and a realistic balance of all repairs, servicing, replacements, etc. of all electronic equipment.
We want to introduce to the broader community at large and Durban's surrounding areas, our capabilities and to offer our client's golden opportunities with our fantastic services.
ProTech Treadmill Repairs specializes in the repairing, servicing, assembling, lubrications, etc. to all different models of treadmills, exercise bikes, gyms, and vibration trainers. To add, we have the best performance management systems, the ultimate change management devices and the finest quality improvement processes. More so, our clients are secured between a 3 - 6 month guarantee upon successful completion of the job depending on the services/ repairs conducted on the equipment. We can hereby assure our clients that only upon successful completion of the job done - a once-off payment will be made to us.
We are currently contracted to major gyms, leading service retailers, larger estates and other SMME's, to mention. Whatever we do, we do with passion - thus our initiative will be many folds beyond expectation.
Excellence is part of our services, and therefore the crux of our business lies consistently with our core value - "SUCCESS" - and this implores us to meet our objectives and provide stealthily to our clients expectations.
Successfully completing a job of this magnitude is no easy task therefore again we offer our clients to embrace in our finery to our highly qualified and esteemed technicians in the comfort of your own home. Remember your needs is our business.
Treadmill still being problematic? Want to hear more? Contact us now for advice and quotes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ProTech Treadmill Repairs
"Propelling performance,accentuating commitment,passion & excellence in one go!"
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