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About PoolMaster SA

Pool Master SA is a Fibreglass Pool Fabrication company in South Africa with a network of agents who are dedicated to providing you with all the products and services needed to manufacture, install and maintain fibreglass pools.

People are often conflicted when it comes to deciding on the type of pool they would like to purchase, but the truth is that you cannot particularly argue with anyone's anyone's choice because it's often pretty obvious. You see concrete Pools are great but the problem with them is that they are made from a porous material which collects ample dirt and often breaks which result in highly expensive repairs. The great thing about these types of pools is, of course, the custom designs the material has to offer, as well as the very interesting finishes which give the pool a very natural appeal.

Fibreglass pools, on the other hand, are fabricated using a template and are built to a strict standard. These templates have evolved over time and there is sure to be one which suits your taste which is why they are so appealing today. A fibreglass pool is an easy clean pool, it is easy to install, and funny enough it is hard to break because of its structure which is not only 17X stronger than concrete but has enough flexibility not to crack due to natural earth movement. This means less chance of breakage, cheaper repair and a longer lasting finish for a more affordable price.

So with that in mind, I guess the only thing to say is that if you're looking for customizability and have ample cash for post build maintenance then you should probably be groovy purchasing a concrete pool. But if you're in need of a pool that's just fun for the family and provides all worry-free maintenance which doesn't break the bank. You should look no further than Pool Master SA, the leading fibreglass pool manufacturer with friendly agents nationwide, waiting to assist you in the purchasing and installation of your new pool.