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2 Woodlands Drive


About Phyrone Technologies

Phyrone Technologies is an industry leading technology driven software ,Online Marketing and Customer Relationship Management company which develops and supports world-class software ,Applications, and sales development and Payroll Administration and management software and tools .
We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our products, our harmonious relationships with our clients and our commitment to becoming the leading software developer and provide in Africa, using cross-functional blend of development talents including leading Web technologies, exceptional customized graphical user interface creation and creative SharePoint development skills all enhanced by their expertise in balance scorecard and lean six sigma.

Phyrone Technologies as all Phyrone Companies and affiliates's competitive advantage lies in our client-centric approach, focused strategy, innovative capacity and distinctive, duel-currency, multi-lingual, International-compliant brands .

Our Belief

We believe that in order to excel in the modern competitive marketplace your business needs to focus on having an in-depth understanding of your customer, positively engaging your employees and ensuring your systems are smarter across the board.

Our Vision

Phyrone Technologies strives to provide clients with industry leading business solutions through partnerships achieved by investing in a deep understanding of our client's businesses and made possible through our values which we work and live by:

First-Class Innovation.
Work with Integrity.
Work on every project with Passion,Drive and Pride.
Guarantee Quality Service and Delivery.