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About Phia Henning & Associates

Phia Henning & Associates believe in delivering tailor made solutions to meet our clients' human and risk management needs. We render professional consultancy services and the best of breed products to our clients. As distributor of the psychometric products of Integrity International we provide in depth assessments at competitive tariffs to our clients.

The managing director, Phia Henning, has 21 years experience in her professional field. Not only did she gain experience in the Civil Sector, but also on different levels of management within various private companies. She is associated with the best professionals in the field of people assessment and development, placement, test development and performance management. All team members have many years of experience in assessment centres, the development of psychometric instruments and the assessment of potential, competence and high risk behaviour in companies. They are skilled and experienced in the planning and structuring of any such projects or services as well as the conducting and conclusion thereof in virtually all sectors of the economy.

The professionals involved in this company have many years of experience in the assessment of individuals and/or organisations for various purposes. Not only are we skilled in the assessment of devious behaviour, potential for development, job compatibility and profiling for specific positions, but we also strongly belief in the development/enhancement of Integrity/Ethics within companies. For this purpose we offer various training interventions.