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021 556 4882

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19 Blaauwberg Road


health and beauty


Ozone Cape is the supplier of natural ozone therapy & Beauty products in South Africa.

To assist our clients in their strive towards a healthier more beautiful and happier life we offer the opportunity to come detox and pamper your self at our Ozone & Beauty Centre.
We will help you
* change your life-style,
* loose weight,
* learn and/or exercise better self-discipline;
* break down cellulite,
* get rid of toxins,
* lower your acid levels,
* give yourself an immune-boost,
* improve your ability to concentrate,
* improve your clarity of mind,
* improve your over-all performance,
* help your body fight against cancer or other illnesses,
* or just take a relaxing break that will leave you energized and healthier...
Our friendly, helpful and skillful personnel will be ready to help make this an experience never to forget. We will put you on a 10 day Ozone detox and we will teach you about a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and pleasant while your body is encouraged to get rid of toxins and build up its immune system.
Besides offering the ozone detox program we also offer treatments in
* ozone treatments
* water therapy
* massage & spine alignment
* Beauty and anti-aging facials
* Manicures and Pedicures
* Waxing and sun tanning sessions
* cooking classes
* Health lectures
* Training in massage, beauty and ozone - part time & full time courses available