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Outcor Financial Management is one of the leading outsourced financial, strategy and growth management companies in South Africa. We give business owners the opportunity to concentrate on their own core business whilst providing expertise and support and assisting the business owner in making important financial decisions. The business owner has the choice of giving Outcor as much or as little control as is necessary. Outcor offers support in every aspect of financial management from bookkeeping and corporate governance to secretarial duties, tax planning and financial direction. We effectively partner with companies to ensure that every financial aspect of the business is taken care of. We are a premium financial service provider and adhere to only the highest standards.

From humble beginnings in 2001, Outcor has built up a loyal client base over the last 14 years and prides itself on strong, long lasting client relationships.

Outcor was built on the knowledge that many SMME's and owner managed companies are extremely entrepreneurial and successful however they most often need support when it comes to running their finances efficiently. Not only running their finances but also structuring and running their business in the most cost effective way, ultimately leading to growth and profitability.