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Flower Delivery just doesn't cut it anymore. Why would it when you can send a living plant or tree for someone to enjoy for a lifetime? Give Plants was borne out of the frustration of receiving flowers that do not last - specialising in high quality, affordable trees and plants, Give Plants is flower delivery for the new millennium. Giving a plant has a meaning with roots. It can be the ideal gift for a variety of different occasions and you can custom fit it to the message you want to convey. When you give a plant, you give a memory that last and grow. From birthday gifts to house warming gifts, giving a plant is a thoughtful eco-friendly present that will be cherished for years to come.


Check out our best sellers, which include:

* Lemon Tree (Meyer variety)

* Olive Tree (Variety: Verdale, Koroneiki)

* Feijoa Tree (Variety: Apollo, Triumph or Mammoth)

* Metrosideros (Variety: Metrosideros Tahiti)


Give Plants have a unique packaging system, having designed their own corrugated cardboard boxes which come in two sizes, made from 68% recycled paper (the rest is from sustainable trees grown in New Zealand). Give something eco-friendly that will last for years - Give Plants. Visit Give Plants website now to place your orders.

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