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42 Hendrina Street Ridgeway, Johannesburg


About Olympus Business Services

Olympus Business Services provides outsourced accounting, bookkeeping and tax services to small, medium and established businesses in South Africa. We believe that business owners should have enough time to run their businesses without worrying about accounting, tax and secretarial functions of the business. That is when we come in to assist in setting up the full accounting functions of your enterprises. We pride ourselves as one of the leading professionals in the provision of tax and accounting services.
Olympus Business Services delivers a wide range of accounting and tax services solutions that are innovative and in line with continuous changes in legislation. Our comprehensive skills and expertise within the company structures enable us to supply and provide a service that is second to none, a wide spectrum of industries.

Our approach and methodology is based on the value added principle to the traditional accounting approach. The value added business service to our clients addresses the business risks and provide proactive solutions.