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Two Plans are offered. The first is Plan to Be Slim. Lose weight naturally and holistically through a unique and holistic plan that will help you gain your health back During a 1-8 month period I work with you online in a gentle and supportive environment. I tackle one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss: emotional eating. I work with affirmations , guided visualization and lifestyle to ensure a complete shift in mind, body and soul.I give a balanced and nutritious non-diet plan to help you gain your perfect body and keep it. The second is Nutrition and Holistic Coaching. Nutritional Coaching is about you. It is about educating and empowering you and giving you the tools to make healthier decisions about your health and wellness. I focus on healthier eating habits. I give you a balanced eating plan and may use intuitive coaching to find out the best foods for your body.

Holistic Coaching uses a combination of aromatherapy, herbalism, lifestyle habits and guided visualization to help you reach your optimum level of health for mind, body and soul.

These plans can be used for cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, anxiety,depression, addiction, allergies, stress, vegan lifestyle and much more.

Natural Healing Diet